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Career As a Detective- Become a Part of Our Detective Network

Career Opportunity Overview

Private Investigator (PI)

Surveillance and Investigation - Conduct covert surveillance on suspects as per assignment instructions.
- Use video cameras, mobile phone cameras, and other electronic devices effectively.
Information Collection - Gather information discreetly and diligently on various subjects.
- Handle sensitive and sometimes uncomfortable situations with intelligence.
Client Interaction - Meet clients, understand case requirements, and close business deals.
- Maintain professionalism while handling significant amounts of money and responsibility.
Execution of Cases - Execute assigned cases according to provided plans and requirements.
- Ensure all client needs and investigative goals are met.
Documentation and Reporting - Prepare detailed reports on investigation findings.
- Submit reports promptly upon case completion.

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  • Excellent command of English, Hindi, Urdu, and local languages.
  • Proficient in handling video cameras, mobile phone cameras, and other electronic equipment.
  • Intelligence to manage complex situations discreetly.
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    Personal Attributes

  • Pleasant personality with good interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work independently and under pressure.
  • Willingness to travel within states and neighboring areas if required.
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    Other Requirements

  • Valid driving license and access to a good bike or car.
  • Willingness to undergo training as per company standards.
  • Agreement commitment for at least 3 years with the agency.
  • Career Benefits

    Remuneration Competitive payment structure with a retainership amount and potential case incentives/bonuses for exceptional performance.
    Training and Support Training provided through materials and on-the-job learning under experienced detectives.
    Professional Growth Opportunity to work with one of the largest detective agencies globally, with extensive experience and a reputable history since 1978.
    Global Network Access to a network of over 600 full-time professional investigators and 1000 panel members worldwide, enhancing exposure and opportunities.

    How to Apply

    • Interested candidates, regardless of age (18 to 60), can apply from any state, city, or town in India.
    • Submit your application detailing relevant skills, experience, and contact information.
    • Upon selection after initial tests and assessments, candidates will enter into an agreement with Lynx Detective Agency Chennai.

    Joining Lynx Detective Agency Chennai offers a dynamic and challenging career path in the field of private investigation. Candidates can expect rewarding opportunities to showcase their skills, gain extensive experience, and contribute to maintaining the agency's esteemed reputation in the industry.

    For more detailed information or to apply, visit or contact Lynx Detective Agency directly.